You just have to register with us, choose your desired brand, and finalize your subscription.

We will create the online store for you, What you need to do is to submit the requirements for each platform through the requirements tab.

Lazada MP Seller Requirements: Individual Seller

  1. Mobile Number
  2. Shop Name
  3. Valid ID (Front and Back Side)
  4. ID Number/Type (SSS, TIN, Passport, and Driver’s License only)
  5. Bank Account Name and Number


Shopee Seller Registration

  1. Mobile Number
  2. Shop Name
  3. Bank Account Name and Number

In line with BIR compliance, Dropify offers 2 options to the dropshippers:
Option 1 – The dropshipper will register to the BIR.
Option 2 – In-house registration. In this option, there will be a 10% service charge (based on item price credit less Dropify Pass-On Cost) every payout. This service charge will be paid to a 3rd party Accounting Firm.

Payout for the dropshipper will take place on the Thursday of the week after the remittance of the Seller Center’s payout. But for first time payout, it usually takes a little bit longer than expected. Please understand that for first time payout, they usually hold two payouts for Corporate Accounts and three SOA for Microseller before releasing, although you may find it mark as PAID in your Seller Center Account.
This applies to both Lazada and Shopee.

Please take note that all fees from Lazada and Shopee will be charged to you and will be deducted from your payout.
10% will be deducted from every payout as monthly Service Fee if you choose Option 2 for BIR Compliance.

All returns will be handled and processed by Dropify.

Dropify will allow returns if the wrong item or specifications were sent or if the item/s arrived damaged. Returns, however, will not be accepted for wrong sizing. Replacements are accepted, provided the client assumes responsibility for the mishap and will subsequently pay for the shipping fee.

Terms and Conditions may apply. See our terms and conditions here.
For Lazada’s Terms and Conditions, please see here.
For Shopee’s Terms and Conditions, please see here.


Registration/Signing Up is simply done for us to gather all necessary information for your access on our website.

Subscribing means having already chosen your desired store/brand, proceeding to payment, and submitting all requirements. Anything short of this is not a successful subscription (Please take note that there will be no reservation of slots).

    1. Log in. If you don’t have an account yet, fill out the Sign Up form on the Log In tab.
    2. Comply with the new requirements (BIR Registration).
    3. Go to Stores tab. Click the desired store/brand.
    4. Choose the desired subscription option (monthly/yearly) and desired marketplace (Lazada/Shopee). Click “Sign Up Now”
      Remember that one subscription is equivalent to one marketplace., which means, that a subscription to Lazada is different from a subscription to Shopee.
    5. Fill out required fields.
    6. A message must be shown confirming the successful submission of your subscription.


Fees paid are non-refundable.

Login to your account and “Subscription” in your dashboard.

1.Log in to your account. Click on the subscription.

2. Click on the subscription you want to cancel.


Please take note that upon cancellation (unsubscribing) of subscription, we will let the course of your subscription to finish before to put your store on holiday mode.


Upon subscription, we will create your store within 48 – 72 hrs given that you fulfill and submit all the requirements needed.
It will usually takes place from 9AM – 5PM only.
Subscription created on Sunday will process on Monday.

This is applicable for stores without the given subscription period.

You can subscribe using Paypal or Credit/Debit Card (via Paynamics).

No. One subscription = one marketplace & one store brand.
If you are subscribed to SneakerHead under Lazada, your subscription does not extend to one in a different marketplace/platform. In other words, a SneakerHead subscription under Shopee or Shopify will require a separate subscription each.

It includes the following:

  1. Store creation in the selected marketplace with the available store brands
  2. Warehousing & fulfillment
  3. Order processing, dispatching, & returns of items
  4. Disputes and payouts (for finance)


If it is an open subscription, and Dropify doesn’t give a subscription period/launching date, then the subscription automatically starts upon successful payment through PayPal/Paynamics.


SKU means Stock Keeping Unit. It is an item-unique ID arbitrarily designated to any given item in your inventory as a reference method.

You can see it at the Product Name.
735 – Item Code
(99) – Cost of good



The selling price is the one you can adjust. Please refrain from editing the sku and the item code and cost of goods in the name (the one in the red box).
For the list of cost of goods, we will send you this via email.

We will process it. As the dropshipper, you do not need to (and are not allowed to) change the status of orders to “ready to ship”.

Yes! You can join all of the campaigns and use the marketing tools (except Flash Sale), such as but not limited to voucher, free shipping, and etc., as long as the price will not end up being lower than the cost of goods. And we suggest marking up your selling price to yield profits.

All Flash Sale entries should be coordinated with the Dropify team.

15% is the limit of returns and cancellation (by customer). When the threshold is reached, the subscription of the client is terminated as a result. When the threshold is reached, the subscription of the client is terminated as a result, as mentioned in the Dropshipper Subscription Agreement.

Depending on the holidays, management will update the dropshipper about the schedule, as we may run on a skeletal workforce or otherwise suspend operations altogether.

No, we will create a new store for you.

Since you have subscribed to a shared inventory, there is a tendency for over ordering due to our 3 min syncing issue. What Dropify would do is to email you with your concern order id, and provide a substitute item(if there is available). You will be coordinating with your customer if he/she would like this substitute item and proceed or not he/she would be advised to cancel the order on his/her part.

To answer this question, we have to be reminded that the inventory is shared between all dropshippers. We have items which have deep inventory and some are limited.

Some items are repeatable, some are limited items, if you are already a dropshipper you can ask for the list of repeatable items.